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Yasang Durumagi

Military field-jacket inspired Durumagi (basic form of Korean coat)
with a twist of casual taste.
The collar can be stand and folded, vivid coloured lining makes it's character pop.
Materials are washing-finished solid cotten with transparent slik lining.
Good item for matching with casual costumes as a overcoat.
Jugori, the black cotten top in camel's photos is also available.
(thinner cotten and silk lining)
There are two different length, Camel is shorter, Khaki is longer.
Either length is available for both colour, please mention when you order.
available for aprox. 60cm, 65cm, 70cm boys.
Camel / Khaki colour available, lining colour can be changed if you wish.
Yasang Durumagi : $140 (US dollar) / Jugori : $70 (US dollar)
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