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San Shin

A One-off Exhibition piece, titled which means 'God of Mountain'
With the image of EastAsian Tao culture,
designed mountain god's costume that lay-back but grand enough as a god.
with white, yellow, amber, green tone,
manifest rich image of mountain and living things inside.
You can find elements  of mountain in the colour, pattern and the jewel ornaments.


Made to fit 70cm boys.
(fitting body : spiritdoll's / fit to most slender 70cm body)
white inner coat,
forest green pattered top(gold-foil gilded),
brown-burgundy belt with tassel,
big jewel belt ornament,
white cloud patterned outer with decorated with jewel,
white silk trousers, white shoes 
fabrics are all silk, jewelries also made of jade stones and pearl, metal
The costume is only one, won't be made again even in different size.
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