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Black Label


Young noble lady's costume in 18th style, in warm pastel colour.
Pale yellow top(Jugori) with dark burgundy point matches good with pastel pink skirt.
Skirt is layerd with transparant silk, feature with white embroidered corset-like waist top.
under the skirt, there's silk transparant inner skirt and inner pants.
Half transparent pale green coat with embroidered feature is wearable,
but normally used like cape in the past. 
(optional composition.)
available for aprox. 60cm girls.(fitted on volks sd13 girl body)
for other doll maker's body, tell me the detail sizes for better fit.
pale yellow top, pink skirt with corset, inner skirt, inner pants, white socks, shose / coat 
$290 / $170 (US dollar)
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